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Are you ready for Turkey Season?

As we all know, Turkey Season has already started in most states, but are you ready to go hunting? Most hunters agree that turkey hunting is a challenging and exciting sport, mostly because, let’s face it : turkeys are really hard to get! They have a 360 degree field of vision, and that makes it really hard to take them by surprise.


There are some details you have to pay attention to when you decide it’s time to hunt some gobblers. Scouting days before the hunt is a good thing, but remember: turkeys aren’t statues, therefore they might even move to a different farm! That’s why it is better to scout the night before the hunt, this way you are sure that the long beard fellow you spotted the night before is still around.


Knowing the fact that wild turkeys have such keen vision, it is very important to stay camouflaged. You want to spot that turkey before it spots you, right? So stay still and be patient.  But remember, choosing the right camo apparel by matching its color and pattern to the environment is not enough! Controlling your every move is the most important thing!


Another essential aspect when you’re hunting gobblers is the calling. It is important to know where and when you should start using it. There are several types of calling and each style has a different sound. You should always carry several with you, mostly because turkeys are also really sneaky and sometimes won’t even bother to answer to some calls.


Most experienced hunters do not agree, but using decoys also helps, a lot. It is easier, of course, but it is important for inexperienced hunters to place the decoys, and then call. Not long after that, a ticked off gobbler will come running thinking he has competition.


When you’re hunting wild turkeys it is not necessary to use large gauges with tight chokes, but it is important to sight your weapon before the hunt. Always try the gun before going out! Before the hunt, pattern your weapon in order to find out which combination of choke, ammunition and shell load produces the most uniform pattern.


Turkey hunting is addictive, that’s for sure! Hunting gobblers might even be the hardest thing to do in the woods, due to the fact that turkeys have excellent vision and hearing capabilities. This is why a hunter’s heart starts to pound when a gobbler is approaching. Turkey hunting is a beautiful experience, even when the long beard wins, because the moment you spot that gobbler and he’s coming into your line of fire, all the preparation paid off.


Now less talking and more hunting! Let’s build up memories that will last a lifetime! Gobble, gobble on!


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