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FLIR SCOUT TS32R 320X240 65MM MONOCULAR – review

Avid hunters are always on the prowl for good optics to bag the next big game. They say superior equipment  is everything. The ability to shoot accurately at night, in practically absolute darkness, is so wanted that somebody should invent it. Oh wait, somebody already has! Out of the many advanced thermal devices out there, we bring you the Flir Scout TS32R!

 FLIR SCOUT TS32R 320X240 65MM MONOCULAR - inner


Flir offers the full package, beginning with excellent clarity. Standing 150 metres away, you want to tell the difference between a buck and a huge hog. Also, you want a night vision device capable of handling light changes. One night you’re standing in pitch darkness in the woods, and then the moon appears and starts casting light. These differences, would normally affect  your ability to target and you would need variable gain control features. For the Flir Scout TS32R monocular this is not a problem, since it detects radiation and doesn’t need any visible light to produce an image.


Flir Scout TS32R is enhanced with  an advanced internal camera software which delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments. What you see is a 320×240 pixel image, for an in-depth look on which the smallest of details can be seen. This sensor is much more sensitive and faster than any previously available.


Very precise, the Scout  offers an excellent combination of range performance and situational awareness. Providing a 24° field of view, this thermal system can spot a deer at about 450 meters away, in total darkness. But probably you won’t settle for that. You need longer range performance. That’s why a 2X extender is available. Now, you leveled up to 790 meters. Still not enough? Flir also throws in the game the TS32r. Due to the narrow field of view,  it can be used to spot a deer at about 1,450 meters away.


The Scout comes equipped with a “Hot Shoe”. Not only does it allow for tripod mounting of the TS-Series, but it also has a power in and video out jack. This means that you can put the thermal camera in a certain position and retreat to a hidden position to follow what happens, on a large monitor.


Powered by 4 AA NiMH Batteries (included), the Scout can ignore smoke, camouflage, and all lighting conditions to give you a clear picture of what’s around you. This night vision piece of jewelry gets you all set to go back in the woods and get really pumped this time.


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