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Top tactical Christmas gifts


If you know somebody who lives and breaths tactical, we’re here to the rescue! We’ve put together a list of the coolest tactical gift ideas, all of which are guaranteed to provide years of high functionality.  Give the traditional perfume or watch present  a break this year and get your loved ones something that would really make them go wild with excitement!

These gifts are compiled to cover a wide range of prices,  but are sure to fit under any tree.


1. All hunters love a high-performance riflescope. If you’ve been looking for one, check out  the  ATN – MARS 4X Night Vision  Rifle Scope 2nd Gen.  It features only the purest grade of heavy glass and computer-aided optical designs to create high-speed, multi-element,  multi-coated lenses for ultra-fast light transmission and resolution beyond anything you’ve imagined.


2. Good things come to those who hunt and Christmas is the perfect time to make those things come true. Surprise the hunter in your family with a high-tech night vision monocular: the ARMASIGHT – Spark Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular Gen Core.  Instead of glass, CORE tubes use a specially formulated ceramic compound fused with metal alloys similar to those used in the production of Gen 2 and Gen 3 image intensifier tubes. The result is superior night vision image clarity. It features  a design that reduces the risk of temporary night blindness, which is caused by letting your eyes adjust to the brighter display of your device, by keeping one eye exposed to the night while the other looks through the monocular. The Armasight Spark is the ideal night vision device for the outdoorsman who demands more resolution, image clarity, and durability than standard Gen 1 can offer.


3. Gun guys and gals of all stripes are always looking for the next must-have item. If you have a tactical-minded family member with a pair of binoculars on their wish list, don’t waste precious time. We bet he or she would love the NIGHT OWL – NEXGEN 5 – NIGHT VISION BINOCULARS – 1ST GEN. Employing the latest generation of optics technology, this unit is great for camping, hiking, wildlife, hunting, and security.


4. No matter the game or the hunting method used, the titanium Yukon Night Vision Rifle-Scope is a varmint hunter’s best friend and a varmint’s worst nightmare.  Equipped with a powerful 50mm lens to provide higher resolution and light gathering capabilities, this device ensures that every hunter has the power to light ‘em up, lock ‘em in and shoot ‘em down.


5. This is your chance to surprise someone really special. What could be more impressive than a thermal system? Thermal night vision is la crème de la crème, exposing targets in all kinds of weather and hostile environments. The Pathfinder from Flir is a night vision powerhouse device, designed for the watchful hunters and comes with the  unrivaled excellence that only FLIR’s high resolution thermal cores can deliver.


6. The outdoor enthusiast also needs a stable viewing system that can be used without the hassle of setting up a large, cumbersome tripod. The Yukon Optics  Universal Tripod Kit is ideal for prolonged viewing and it will transform your optics into a unique, high definition experience.


7. For those passionate hunters who can’t be stopped either by wind, rain, freezing temperatures or even floods, Nightvisionplanet brings you the  Armasight – NYX-14 Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular Gen 2+, built with the highest grade multi-coated all-glass optics and with high-tech, reliable electronics, a surefire night vision solution that leaves nothing unidentified.


8. “I want to bag the big one!”. Does that sound familiar to you? Then surely you’ve got an agile hunter around waiting to gear up with the Night Optics USA – D-300 Night Vision Mono-Goggle – Gen 3. Great versatility, extraordinary features and affordability  make the D-300 the best value night vision device for those who want to turn each and every hunt into a roaring success.


9. The Armasight – CO-LR Night Vision Long Range Clip-On System Gen 2+ is a priceless addition to any enthusiast’s tactical arsenal.  This night vision clip-on is designed to make long range night shooting just as easy and accurate as shooting over the same terrain during daylight hours with your day scope alone.


10.  If you’re feeling very generous and inspired, don’t miss the Pulsar Thermal Imaging Scope Quantum. The device is engineered with germanium glass, allowing for maximum thermal observation capabilities. You’ll have a clear shot at everything moving up to nearly 500 yards away.

This is what our perfect wishlist looks like.  Is anything inspiring you? If you have different devices to suggest or would like to tell us what your favourite item is, we’re happy to improve the list. Cheers!

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