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The military – massive work combined with epic, memorable fun

military - massive work - inner

The word “military” usually makes us put on our serious faces. Guns, duty uniforms, high-tech gear, they all bring that crisp feeling that heavy business is going down. And it really is, but we know that real men also have real fun. Let’s see some of the amazing stories and sacrifices made by brave men on the battlefield.


Veteran allied pilots have a favourite story they like to tell over and over again. Word goes that the German “airfield”, constructed with utmost care, was made almost entirely of wood. There were wooden storehouses, oil tanks, gun emplacements, trucks, and aircraft.

The Germans were so slow in building their wooden decoy that Allied photo experts basically could set up a photo studio and observe and report everything. The day finally came when the decoy was finished and the last wooden plank was put in place. And the following morning, at dawn, a lone RAF plane crossed the Channel, came in low, circled the field once, and dropped a large wooden bomb.


Another memorable story is the ingenious game invented by the British during WWI. When a prisoner, preferably a German, fell into the arms of the soldiers, they would get one grenade, pull the pin, and put it inside the prisoner’s pocket. The prisoner had to find a way to get the grenade out of his pocket if he cared at all about his life. If the prisoner survived, the rule was to set him free. But, there was a prisoner who got the hang of the soldiers and so he drilled a hole in his pocket. When he came next in line, the grenade fell out of his pocket. The soldiers, not knowing what was happening, just stood there as the prisoner ran like hell. The soldiers were hoist by their own petards and the prisoner got a gold medal for  killing the soldiers by their own grenade.

Anybody can drop the ball, it happens to the best of us.  It certainly happened in 1757 to the Prussian soldiers who failed to win an advantage against the French army when they mistook a row of young fir trees for enemy infantrymen or in 1836, when the entire Mexican army was defeated in only 18 minutes by the Texan troops because the Mexican general ordered that all of his men take a siesta. Remember this if you ever mess up your hunting trip, it might come as a consolation.


We bet you have some of your own stories to tell. We, together with the rest of the world, wanna know all about it. As we speak, people are making history. Don’t stand aside!


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