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The greatest hunting stories ever told

“Tis the reason men hunt. When you are fed up with the troublesome present, with being ‘very twentieth century,’ you take your gun, whistle for your dog, go out to the mountain, and, without further ado, give yourself the pleasure during a few hours or a few days of being ‘Paleolithic.’”


That quotation is from Ortega Y Gasset. Now, it seems that even philosophers relate to hunting, and we don’t get to see many of them having their elbows deep in an elk’s chest cavity, do we? Hunting has been a natural calling for man for as long as he has been around.


We’ve all read stories of hunters getting into life or death fights with creatures that outweigh them by several times. Simple yet amazing hunting stories that trigger an adrenaline rush throughout our entire body. Stories told by hunters like you, who spend hours on end in the woods or mountains, stalking a bull elk or following a deer trail. Here are three of the coolest, strangest and far fetched hunting stories out there.


The desire for the great tradition of hunting is very much present in the inhabitants of Saint-Hubert. Even though not so famous, the city of Saint-Hubert, located in Belgium, is deeply connected to the tradition of hunting. Legend says that St. Hubert of Liege, the founder of the city, was out hunting one Good Friday when he found himself facing a majestic stag and chased it for hours. Eventually the animal tired and between its antlers a luminous cross was seen. Now, it has become a ritual that before the basilica, the blessing of the bread is done in the presence of the hunting horn blowers.


Next on our list is the fact that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, is known as one of America’s most famous hunters. In 2011, he made a personal pledge to consume for an entire year only the meat that he had hunted himself.  Whether or not the social media mogul spent the entire year munching on squirrel and elk, we don’t know but we suspect he must have snuck a cheesecake or two in there.


Least but not last, SCI top hunter Maryann Sackman from New York is the proud owner of 93 trophies entered in the record book.  Among Maryann’s impressive list of SCI records are: African elephant, Siberian ibex, Nile crocodile, mule deer, bighorn sheep, kudu, mountain and barren ground caribou, bongo, musk ox, whitetail deer, hippopotamus, African lion, brown bear, polar bear and leopard.

Let’s not leave out the one factor that makes an adventure of any kind a great experience, and that is sharing your story with other hunters. Surely you have your own tale when you’ve been absolutely focused and lethal with a shotgun. We wanna know all about it. Send us your stories and keep the passion for hunting burning.

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