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ATN – NVM14 Night Vision Multi-Purpose System – 4th Gen – review

Looking for the perfect night vision package to gear up for the big game? Then you need the ATN NVM14 Multi-Purpose Night Vision device, one of the most high-performing gears on the market. It comes equipped with ATN’s Total Darkness Technology featuring a built-in infrared light-emitting source, which makes the device perfectly functional even when the available ambient light is minimal.


The ATN NVM14 format can easily incorporate Gen  2+, 3 and 4 image intensifier tubes to efficiently fit in the budgets of both the police, search/rescue teams, military,  private security agencies, security-conscious civilians, and passionate hunters. The technologically advanced ATN NVM14  ensures tactical advantage for any law enforcement agent or civilian user operating at  night.


On top of having a rugged design, this multi-purpose night vision device is powerful, safe, and durable. It features ergonomic, simple, and easy-to-operate controls. The monocular functions include:

  • Single-Button Operation Switch – Controls the unit power and IR light

  • Objective Lens Focus – The front lens focusing ring adjusts the unit for different distances

  • Diopter Adjustment – Focuses the eyepiece lens from -6 diopters to +2 diopters to allow for different eyesight levels

  • IR Illuminator Focusing - Focuses the IR light for spotted or flood illumination options


The eyepiece of the ATN NVM14 incorporates several LED indicators:

  • IR Indicator - A Red LED indicates that the IR source is on

  • Low Battery Indicator - A Blinking red LED warns about 20% battery charge left

  • Excessive Brightness Indicator – A Green LED warns when the Bright Light Sensor detects an excess of the bright light


The device can be hand-held, head-mounted, and can be attached to a helmet or weapon. So, it’s got  you covered whatever you’re doing: walking, map reading, driving, surveilling, weapon firing, and so on.


The device is designed to give hunters maximum image clarity, while also maintaining maneuverability and great shooting performance at all distances. With the features provided, the operator finds himself equipped with all the latest technological advantages. The NVM14 is the total night vision package for the modern nighttime hunter with a passion for precision.  Take advantage of its capabilities and get ready to hunt that big buck you’ve been dreaming about.


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