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Night Vision Watchful eye. The Enthusiast’s List

You’re out hunting in the vast forest lands. As shadows lengthen and the darkness grows, you might want to keep a watchful eye and have the right night vision survival gear with you.


1. Thermal imaging

With the thermal imager, every warm blooded living thing appears as a bright spot on a dark background. It’s the ultimate protection against well blending creatures, with advanced camouflage techniques. Remember those confusing moments when it was not clear whether that big dark thing afar was a bear or a tree stump? Well, you’re done with that. Your thermal imager has you covered. Plus, it helps you see and follow any path in perfect detail in complete darkness, it signals the spots on the ice where water is not frozen, and also you get to see your own thermal footprints. That’s a huge advantage, as you can minimize and hide them.



It is endowed with advanced image-processing algorithms, and it’s mission is to put you at a huge tactical advantage.


2. Night vision scope

One key night vision gear you’ll be depending on is your night scope, both for target acquisition as well as for final targeting. What you need is a wide field of view but also close quarter view. A top notch performer is  the ATN Night Arrow 6 – WPT.

Featuring a resolution of 45-54lp/mm, a “Red on Green” reticle system with 1/6 MOA adjustment, and a detachable IR450 Infrared Illuminator, the night vision scope provides excellent observation, target acquisition and aiming capabilities for the demanding varmint hunter.


3. Flashlight

How do you become the best at the hunting game? By adding extra seeing power to your night vision scope.  Pulsar Polaris 940 IR Flashlight, featuring a high-powered IR Illuminator with a standard weaver mount, is just the gear to add on your wish list. The light emitted by the illuminator is undetectable to the unaided eye, but perfectly visible to your night scope. Now, that really gives you a head start, doesn’t it?


Although not exactly the latest gadgets in night vision,  make sure your list contains a knife, a fire starter and a first aid kit. As insignificant as they might seem, they are life savers.


There is a reason that a guy with proper night vision rules the night. Make sure you are that guy.

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