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ATN – NVB3X Night Vision Binoculars White Phosphor Technology – Review

A professional pair of night vision binoculars is one of the hunter’s most valuable tools, as they can provide eye-opening experiences, literally and figuratively. Enhanced image clarity makes it so much easier to safely and accurately point your firearm in the direction of your target. A good purchase will most likely bring you years of pleasure, so make sure your investment is wise and provides lifetime quality.


With ATN’s NVB3X Night Vision WPT Binoculars, any passionate hunter can expect to make the most of the hunting game.

The NVB provides the user with excellent resolution and a wider field of view than most night vision optics on the market, by using a detachable long range infrared illuminator, multi-coated all-glass optics, built-in flood infrared illuminator, and an adjustable Interpupillary Distance.



The white phosphor technology, combined with the Multi-Alkali photocathode, the 3x magnification, and the 60-74 lp/mm resolution make the NVB3X one of the most performant devices for law enforcement, hunting, and professional use. Many times this superiority comes with a higher price tag, but enthusiasts don’t compromise on quality. White phosphor is the ultimate technology, changing the displayed image from the traditional green to a clearer and more natural black and white image. The range of shades, shadows, depth perception and overall contrast are unmatched so far by any other technology.


Durability and robustness should also be key factors in choosing a night vision binocular that is expected to perform under the toughest conditions and in remote areas. With the NVB3X night vision binoculars you’ll be able to reach further during night hunting operations. It is water and fog resistant, build for the hunters with the ambition to let nothing stand in the way of a perfect mission.

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