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A good old hunt should never be pursued without good preparation beforehand. Things might run smoothly, or it might not be the greatest hunt you’ve ever had, but you can never ever know when or how things will get tricky! This is why there’s a bunch of things that should never be left at home when going afield!

Apart from your firearm, which is quintessential, we’ve made a list of the basic stuff, along with a couple of come-in-handy’s, you should never forget.

Whether it’s a long distance trip or just a drive outside of town, the trusty binoculars shouldn’t, by any means, be missing! You don’t necessarily need an expensive product, just one that can help you out on your type of hunt. If you’re hunting turkeys you’re gonna need a better pair of binoculars than when you’re out chasing whitetail.  If you haven’t got a set yet, try looking for products from Armasight, Night Owl, Yukon Optics or Pulsar. These are trusted brands with a large array of binoculars, which also come in all prices.

Now that you’ve got your binoculars, be sure to not forget your rangefinder or your  scope, along with your compass! One is for the hunted and the other for the hunter. You need to track your target, but not before knowing where you are! For a good rifle scope, ATN, Yukon Optics and Pulsar are highly recommended.

We’re talking a lot of “lens” here, so an extra item you might want to add to your backpack is your lenspen. Some hunters clean out their gear a night before the trip, but it’s good to have it with you in case it gets dirty along the way. You need your lenses clean all the time!

The next indispensable object is your flashlight. Now if you’re out hunting at night, a night vision device is absolutely necessary, but the flashlight serves you at any time of the day. The leafage can be very thick in some parts of the forest, so you might need an extra source of light  apart from daylight.

Of course you won’t be forgetting your firearm, but what about some extra ammo? Always take more than you think you need, because you never know how long your stay is gonna be. Hunting trips can always be unpredictable! And, most of all, you would want to avoid the extreme frustration of having a buck practically jumping in your face while your rifle is empty!


A multi-tool and a knife are always good to have, so make sure you don’t forget them at home. In terms of personal safety and comfort, make sure you get a pair of ear plugs or, even better, a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Guns are loud, so it’s best to protect them ears whenever you are exposed to heavy noise, and you’ll thank your younger self later on in life! Make yourself a comfort kit, which includes: a warm hat, gloves and/or chemical hand warmers, mosquito repellant and general insect repellant, tissues and toilet paper (which is, as all hunters know, multifunctional). You should also have a mini survival kit with: a medical kit, a hunter’s orange (or a reflective vest), some duct tape ( you don’t need a full roll, you can simply take about 4-6′ and roll it on a smaller core), superglue, paracord (which is also multipurpose), and some clean bandages.

Now that you’re all packed up, go out and enjoy the hunt! Just don’t forget the “grab-and-go” stuff, like your phone and your car keys. But for that, you probably have your wife giving you the heads up!

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